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Last one for today! For all of you whovians out there. 
Requested by fire-of-my—loins


Last one for today! For all of you whovians out there. 

Requested by fire-of-my—loins

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This Night

This night that darkens the roads but lights the sky

This night that hides the fear but exposes the secrets

This night that has no words but yet they are all said

This night that rests but never sleeps

This night that haunts us all

Will I stay this time?

Feels good to be back and I plan to keep blogging again for I feel that I need it again. Things have been rough of course part of it is my own doing. Luckily I got a girl friend and its been great but i always have my doubts. I get worried about a lot of things and its my own inside betraying me.

First my girl friend drinks sometimes which is cool with me but not when its with other guys and she has a boy that goes to her house sometimes drunk or otherwise and stays there. She’s assured me she only drinks around other adults and her friend just stays outside but it worries me.

Another problem is my friend wants me to go with this girl but i have a girl friend. Over all though I’m just gonna have to get over stuff so gotta keep going.


Valentines Day

As much as I’m doing alright after my break up (more or less) now it’s almost valentines. The nice things about having a girlfriend is knowing you won’t be alone on those days. Well now I have one week to have that satisfaction that I strife for. So time to get working. 

Things Looking Up

Well thing are looking better. Me and my gf split but turns out she is a mental case so good to get out before the storm hits I guess. Lets just look at something she said to my best friend. “It didn’t work cause he wasn’t black.” Ha! Well in case she didn’t notice for the two months we went out I’ve been white the whole time. There are more things I don’t want to explain cause I promised I wouldn’t but lets just say people are taking my side which is a surprise.

I’m doing good at the Fire Department, I’m making money, and got plenty of friends. I’m in the eye of the storm I just have to break out now. Just a lesson To anyone know the mental issues of a person before you get close to them.


Life is a Bitch

So today was the day I feared. My girl friend (ex now) and me broke up. I broke up with her actually but she was gonna break up with me anyway so I took the initiative. The thing is I’m sad but happy I did what needed to be done. I miss her already but you know life goes on and my friend helped me through it and kept my hopes up. Maybe I’ll find another girl but I really miss her is all I know.



Your beautiful eyes stare right into mine and sometimes I think of you late at night. I want to be somewhere where you are.

Went through a couple blogs and mostly, I keep seeing “I wish I was in a relationship…” or something along those lines. Word of advice…..


when you stop looking for something … that’s when you’ll get it. A real relationship will come when the time is right, not when you go searching for it. Even if you do stop searching and you find someone and it all goes wrong, take it as a lesson learned and really learn from it. It only makes you stronger.


I don’t enter a relationship knowing it wont last, I enter on hoping it will never end